In 2000 I broke my back in a motorcycle accident and was left in severe pain. After multiple surgeries, including a spinal fusion, I found no relief and pain management was my only option. Being an athlete, and lifelong extreme sports enthusiast, my quality of life became so bad I began spiraling into a deep depression. I had tried every form of pain management in this period, and saw leaders in their respective fields. I truly thought I was doomed to a life of misery.

One day a tenant of mine saw me in agony after tiling the kitchen floor. I had been crouched over all day and was finally almost paralyzed with pain, lying on the floor. When she found me in this state, my tenant insisted I visit Richard Wright, a veteran alphabioticist. Naturally I was skeptical, having tried every other remedy available, to no effect. Eventually her persistence paid off 6 months later, when she actually drove out to escort me for my first visit.

After my first visit I was stunned to be instantly free of pain, with more mobility than I had in years. I almost cried with joy. Richard Wright carefully explained the process, and how alphabiotics works, and I absorbed it like a sponge. This started my journey into studying this incredible process. If alphabiotics could help me, I believed it could help anyone. It may sound corny, but I truly believe that finding such a powerful wellness system caused me to find my purpose in life - a way to help other people discover how to truly live life to their fullest potential.

I now receive alphabiotics once a week and it enables me to stay athletically active which includes martial arts, rugby, surfing and a vigorous weight program. When I found alphabiotics I was a successful musician and music producer, and found that this modality caused my creativity and focus to be off the charts. Alphabiotics made such a huge impact in my life however, that I decided to completely change my career, go back to school and learn this sophisticated wellness system. Pain management is a thing of the past, now that I have found alphabiotics.

I don't treat, heal or cure. When in balance the body is a powerful, natural healer. I'm truly thankful to be able to help people live to their full potential.

- Bruce Fulford D. A, C.N, Ph.D