Dr. Bruce Fulford's Story - The Power Of Alphabiotics

In 2000 I broke my back in a motorcycle wreck and was left in severe pain. After multiple spinal surgeries, including a spinal fusion, I found no relief and pain management was my only option. Being an athlete, and lifelong extreme sports enthusiast, my quality of life became so bad I began spiraling into a deep depression. I had tried every form of pain management in this period, and saw leaders in their respective fields. Physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, natural healers and of course, the strongest prescription drugs available – I tried all with no lasting relief. I truly thought I would spend the rest of my life in misery.


One day a tenant of mine saw me in agony after tiling the kitchen floor. I had been crouched over all day, trying to get this job done, and was finally almost paralyzed with pain, lying on the floor. When she found me in this state, my tenant insisted I visit Dr. Richard Wright, a veteran Alphabioticist. Even though I relented, she was adamant, and persisted in trying to get me to see him. Naturally I was skeptical, having tried every other remedy available, to no effect. Eventually her persistence paid off, when she actually drove out to escort me to Dr. Wright.


After my first alignment I was nothing less than stunned to be instantly free of pain, with more mobility than I had in years. I almost cried with joy. Dr. Wright carefully explained the process, and how Alphabiotics works, and I absorbed it like a sponge. I was almost in disbelief and asked how long before the pain returned, expecting to have to continue with some form of pain management. Dr. Wright explained how my body was now aligned, with the strain of imbalance being removed from my spine, and recommended I come back for the critical second visit within a few days. Of course, I did, and that started my journey into studying this incredible process. If Alphabiotics could help me, I believed it could help anyone. It may sound corny, but I truly believe that finding such a powerful wellness system caused me to find my purpose in life - a way to help other people discover how to truly live life to their fullest potential.


I now get alignments twice a week and it enables me to stay athletically active which includes martial arts, rugby and surfing. When I found Alphabiotics I was a successful musician and music producer, and found Alphabiotic alignments caused my creativity and focus to be off the charts. Alphabiotics made such a huge impact in my life however, that I decided to completely change my career, go back to school and learn this sophisticated wellness system. Pain management is a thing of the past now, when I keep up with my Alphabiotics alignments.


During my studies at the International Alphabiotics Academy in Dallas, Texas, I was fortunate enough to land an internship with my mentor, Dr. Richard Wright. Dr. Wright was a highly successful chiropractor in San Pedro, and had the largest practice in the South Bay of Los Angeles for twenty years, until he found Alphabiotics in the 1980's. Dr. Wright went back to school and never looked back. He closed his chiropractic practice and has been one of the world’s leading Alphabioticists for decades. Dr. Wright is on the international board of directors and has been a man of great integrity in his field. I count it an honor and privilege to learn the craft, and be mentored by such an individual.


The body is such a powerful, natural healer. I'm truly thankful to be able to help people live to their full potential.


- Bruce Fulford D. A, C.N, Ph.D 
















Alphabiotics was developed by a veteran chiropractor, but is not a chiropractic wellness system. The Alphabiotic Balance Center, in Venice, Los Angeles is not a chiropractor clinic, nor do we perform chiropractor therapy, or chiropractic pain management or pain relief techniques. Alphabiotics is a unique, holistic preventive wellness system that addresses the root cause of modern ailments, namely stress.
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