The Effects Of Stress And How Alphabiotics Can Help

Alphabiotic Stress Relief


It is undisputable that in our industrialized, information-age persistent, unrelieved stress has become the leading cause of disease, pain and death. Most cancer, strokes, heart attacks and pain can be traced back to a root cause of stress. Even most weight problems and depression are rooted in stress.


Humans are designed to handle stress in an interesting way. When you’re in a stressed state, your body produces adrenaline and cortisol, which both put your brain, muscles and organs into a heightened state of awareness, ready to face a stressor. For most human beings, this condition used to be, Alphabiotic Stress Reliefexcept in rare cases, temporary. In the past, typical human stress involved a fight-or-flight reaction to a temporary stressor. Usually this stressor would present itself in the form of danger in the wild, sporadic complex tasks, battle or hunting.


The problem with twenty-first century living is we face continued, persistent stress every single day. Our bodies are simply not designed to deal with this pervasive level of fight-or-flight. And we don’t even realize it. We face the dilemma of the frog in a slow boiling pot. A frog will sit in a pot of water until it boils, as long as you raise the temperature gradually. This is how most modern people live each day. We don’t realize that we face stress from lack of sleep. We face chemical stress from pesticides and growth hormones in our food. We face stress in traffic on the way to work. We face stress with technology at work. We face stress with deadlines trying to remain competitive, due a sluggish economy. We face stress from deadly chemicals in energy drinks to get through the afternoon. We face stress on the way home. We are the frog, slowly boiling without realizing it.


To try to remedy symptoms, modern medicine approaches pain, disease and emotional imbalances with more chemicals (drugs) or painful and often dangerous surgeries. These approaches should not be the first resort. In fact if you look at how many approved drugs are consequently removed from the shelves by the FDA, because of lethal side effects, it will shock you (not to mention the ones that are known to be deadly but remain for sale). It almost appears like a game of craps in a for-profit market, with your life on the line. It would be understandable if there was no other solution, and drugs or surgery were our first line of defense, but there is a better way. Alphabiotics.


Alphabiotics is the result of a seasoned chiropractor realizing that the success of all chiropractic manipulations could be traced back to a single source. The brain. When the brain is relieved of a stressful state, both hemispheres become balanced. The brain then releases its unbalanced control of the rest of body, and in an amazing, instant chain-reaction, Stress free with Alphabiotics!the body releases its stress and becomes balanced. Once it is balanced, it begins the process of self-healing (to read more about this fascinating process click here to read “What is Alphabiotics.”)


An Alphabiotic alignment places the brain and body back in to a state of homeostasis, which is optimal for the body to begin healing. Some people have been out of a state of homeostasis for so long, it will naturally take a period of time for their body to “hold” its alignment. This is why Alphabiotics is certainly not a “magic bullet” solution. It is however, the most instant way to get straight to the part of the body that controls all function - the brain. All I do through the Alphabiotic alignment is place your body back into a place of balance and it begins healing itself. If you have lived with stress and chronic symptoms for a long time, it may take a period of time before your body begins to “hold” its alignment, and remain in a state of homeostasis, but it will get better. In fact, most people with chronic symptoms experience the release of stress, from an alignment, in a powerful way. We all lead different lives and deal with stress in different ways. I cannot control what stressors you face out in the world, but I can help control how they affect your body.


Call today for an appointment, and see for yourself how powerful Alphabiotics is. Once your body is relieved of stress and placed into a state of balance, it will begin the healing process. I’ll bet you wouldn’t have felt this good in years.




Here are some indicators of a state of chronic stress. If you experiencing any of these please contact me today, and see what Alphabiotics can do for your quality of life.


Cognitive Symptoms

Limited Memory


Lack of concentration

Poor thinking clarity

Poor judgment

Seeing only the negative

Anxious or racing thoughts

Constant worrying



Emotional Symptoms

Feeling tense and "on edge"


Agitation or short temper


Irritability, impatience

Inability to relax


Feeling overwhelmed


Physical Symptoms



Backaches / Sciatica


Weight gain or weight loss

Muscle tension and stiffness

Diarrhea or constipation

Chest pain, rapid heartbeat or heart palpitations

Loss of sex drive

Frequent colds




Behavioral Symptoms

Using alcohol or drugs to relax

Overdoing activities

Teeth grinding or jaw clenching

Eating more or less

Sleeping too much or too little

Isolating yourself from others

















Alphabiotics was developed by a veteran chiropractor, but is not a chiropractic wellness system. The Alphabiotic Balance Center, in Venice, Los Angeles is not a chiropractor clinic, nor do we perform chiropractor therapy, or chiropractic pain management or pain relief techniques. Alphabiotics is a unique, holistic preventive wellness system that addresses the root cause of modern ailments, namely stress.
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