Alphabiotics Is A Holistic, Preventive Wellness System

Alphabiotics is an entirely non-chemical, holistic, preventive wellness system and when incorporated into your life, will improve your health on many levels. The goal of Alphabiotics is your well-being for the long term. The Alphabiotic alignment sends a high-sensory input into the brain, causing it to instantly balance, and do a systems-check. This process releases stress in the brain, caused by an over-dominance of one hemisphere. When the brain is balanced, it balances the body, which allows the body to begin healing itself. The more consistently the body remains in a state of balance and homeostasis, the more it will be able to heal and regenerate itself but also actively fight off disease. This is true preventive wellness.


Alphabiotics is Preventive WellnessThink of it this way - we are either in a state of repair and regeneration or a state of degeneration and disrepair. Which one would you rather live in?


Preventive wellness can also be understood as “health maintenance.” After a period of initial alignments your body will begin to “hold” its balance for longer periods of time but you never want to abandon alignments entirely. With the level of stress in modern society, our bodies will simply revert to a dysfunctional, stressed and imbalanced state, and pain and disease will begin to creep back into our lives. The goal is to keep your body in this state of balance so that the causes of symptoms are dealt with, while your body is on a path to continually increasing health. Think of incorporating yoga into your life, for example, you don't go once and expect to become flexible and relaxed. It's a lifestyle, as is Alphabiotics. Those that incorporate alignments into their lives, will attest to how they function at a much higher level from day to day.


Drugs and surgery

The Alphabiotics philosophy is that drugs and surgery should only be used in emergency situations when preventive wellness may have been neglected for a long time. There are some great doctors and surgeons that save lives every day, but sadly there are many more that, with or without knowing it, are killing people. In fact, it may shock you to find that the number one cause of death in America is “Iatrogenic Death”. The word "iatrogenic" comes from the Greek roots "iatros" meaning "the healer or physician" + "gennan" meaning "as a product of" = due to the doctor. This means that more people die every year because of drugs and surgery than any other cause. I know in other parts of the site, I mention that stress is the leading cause of death, but iatrogenic death is a result of attempting to correct the symptoms of stress.


Alphabiotics is Preventive WellnessThis data is absolutely frightening, and it is my opinion that people are too quick to put their lives into the hands of surgeons and drugs, when there are safer, healthier systems out there. Fortunately, you are reading about the most powerful of those systems. Alphabiotics.


I say with all sincerity, folks who use Alphabiotics as a preventive wellness system, find their quality of life continually spiral upward, affording huge leaps in the goal of self actualization.

I can’t encourage you enough, to contact me, and experience the power of Alphabiotics for yourself.
















Alphabiotics was developed by a veteran chiropractor, but is not a chiropractic wellness system. The Alphabiotic Balance Center, in Venice, Los Angeles is not a chiropractor clinic, nor do we perform chiropractor therapy, or chiropractic pain management or pain relief techniques. Alphabiotics is a unique, holistic preventive wellness system that addresses the root cause of modern ailments, namely stress.
LOCATION: Alphabiotic Balance Center, 122 Lincoln Blvd, Suite 203 A, Venice, CA 90291 | 424-242-8605


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