Is Alphabiotics Scientifically Validated?

Yes, there is extensive scientific validation for Alphabiotics. Alphabiotics was developed by Dr. Virgil Chrane and his father in the mid to late twentieth century. Dr Chrane was a highly respected chiropractor before he and his father discovered the science Alphabiotics Brain Imagerybehind what would become Alphabiotics.


Dr. Chrane and his father, correctly theorized that all modern maladies were related to how the body dealt with stress, specifically, the brain. Over the years, extensive scientific research has been conducted to not only legitimize the effectiveness of Alphabiotics, but also to measure it.


Researchers have done hundreds of pre and post alignment brain studies, including:

  • Electroencephalographic scans
  • Electromyographic scans,
  • Temperature measurements,
  • Heart-rate measurements,
  • Skin resistance rates,
  • Thermographic imagery,
  • Bioplasmic counts,
  • Cellular oxygenation counts,
  • Arterial-pressure measurements
  • Respiratory activity measurements.
  • Accelerated learning, and focused attention studies.

All conclusively reveal astoundingly positive results through Alphabiotics.



In addition, thousands of weakness/tension, tension level, bio-mechanical balance/imbalance, abdominal breathing and rapid eye movement studies have been conducted. Tests have conclusively shown that when a person is locked into a state of fight or flight, one side of their brain is passive and the other side is stressed.


Alphabiotics Nerve Bridge MetaphorIn this state, the corpus callosum (nerve-bridge between the two brain hemispheres) becomes clogged, interfering with whole brain function. As a result, the tests revealed that one side of the body becomes weak while the opposite side becomes excessively tense, pulling up the leg, hips and shoulder, creating an unbalanced person.


This research showed conclusively that such stress, emanating from the lack of whole brain function, puts massive tension on the entire body, especially the spine. Pre and post Alignment tests show an immediate change in body structure as well as balanced brain activity. Above and beyond scientific testing however, tens-of-thousands of testimonials have proven how powerful Alphabiotics is.


If you would like to experience this revolutionary wellness system, please contact me today. I’d love to see how I might help you.



















Alphabiotics was developed by a veteran chiropractor, but is not a chiropractic wellness system. The Alphabiotic Balance Center, in Venice, Los Angeles is not a chiropractor clinic, nor do we perform chiropractor therapy, or chiropractic pain management or pain relief techniques. Alphabiotics is a unique, holistic preventive wellness system that addresses the root cause of modern ailments, namely stress.
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