The Alphabiotic process is entirely safe, and has been performed millions of times around the world, without negative consequences. The process helps to release the fight or flight pattern, and do a systems-check of the body. When this occurs, the body receives a massive supply of previously misdirected energy, and homeostasis is restored. Essentially a reboot of the brain, alphabiotics causes an immediate balance to both hemispheres resulting in stress to be released. 

Alphabiotics is structured so as to be affordable, and easily integrated into your lifestyle. All pricing (except the first visit) is designed to cost as much as any typical insurance co-pay or less. It is in this spirit of universal fairness, and value that we strive to operate.

       1st visit: $65 (approximately 20-30 minutes)
       * All visits following the 1st visit: $45 

Ask us about pricing for children

Package deal: $400 for 10 visits 






METABOLIC TYPING: Deciphers your specific metabolism, according to your lifestyle, genetics, etc. 

WEIGHT LOSS GUIDANCE/SUPPORT: Starts with detoxing, strengthening the thyroid and creating a nutrition plan that fits with your lifestyle and metabolic type. It is not simply about going on a "diet". 

PH BALANCING: Most people's bodies are extremely acidic (due to our modern, often toxic diet) which creates inflammation, weight gain, low energy and disease. In fact, cancer only thrives in an acidic environment. A ph level of 7.4 is vital for overall health. Saliva testing in the office give us an immediate result of your levels and is a starting point to design a nutrition plan to bring your blood back to a level of sound alkalinity.

ALLERGENS: One of the least known causes of modern ailments. Lab tests help us to pinpoint your allergies and whether it is gluten, soy, dairy or a number of other common allergies, we can start you on an elimination diet to rid your system of the symptoms caused by the allergens. Digestive enzymes and probiotics are also used to heal the gut and jump start your digestive systems.

SPORTS NUTRITION + RECOVERY: Building muscle by lifting weights and neglecting nutrition is like building a house on a cracked foundation. We will customize a plan to get you the most from your workouts, and building fat-burning muscle faster. Post-workout recovery is vital for a toned body, and supplements are used to push your body to the next level.

NEUROTRANSMITTER/HORMONE BALANCING: With all the stressors we are exposed to these days it's not surprising that we see an imbalance in most patient's hormones. By doing a six-step lab test, we can pinpoint exactly which neurotransmitter is out of balance. From there we can balance the hormones naturally. 

The goal is to see big changes in your overall health, pH levels, organ function, weight etc. over a 6 month 'reset' period.

       * 1st visit: $150. 
       * All visits following the 1st appointment: $100 (occurs monthly for 3-6 months and then just a yearly visit). The goal is to give you the tools to          feed your cells and live a healthy life. After a few visits you will feel like you finally understand how nutrition works. The supplement                        business can be confusing and sometimes pulls the wool over your eyes. We want you to take minimal supplements with maximum                        absorption and results!




Using a frequency specific 'activator', biokinetics causes a pattern interrupt at a physical, emotional and allergy level.

       Each visit: $45



ADRENAL STRESS INDEX: Comprehensive profile of how well your adrenals respond to stress.

       Cortisol to evaluate the stress response
       Insulin for blood sugar
       DHEA to determine how you adapt to stress
       Iga for immune function

FEMALE HORMONE PROFILE: An imbalance in these hormones can cause a number of health issues like sleeplessness, irritability, PMS, migraines, low libido, depression.

      *  Estrogen
      *  Progesterone
      * Testosterone
      * DHEA

MALE HORMONE PROFILE: An imbalance in these hormones can cause a number of health issues like sleeplessness, exhaustion, irritability, aggression, low libido/erectile dysfunction, depression, pre-mature balding and a decrease in muscle mass.

       * Testosterone
       * Progesterone
       * Androstenedione
       * DHEA
       * Estrone
      * DHT